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SaPa – a life in cloud

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1 SaPa – a life in cloud on Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:38 pm

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SaPa – a life in cloud

Sapa has been a town and also a famous traveling destination of Lao Cai, Vietnam. Traveling to Sapa, you can not only enjoy the cool weather, beautiful scenery but also discover national tourism with culture amplitude of ethnic minorities.

Once referring to Sapa, we can’t miss the “Hàm Rồng” flower garden. This one is a very original garden. It’s designed depending on the natural structure of “Hàm Rồng” peak. You must spend over thousands stone steps, the garden will display creeping along your moves. In “Hàm Rồng”, you walk in the cloud and the flowers are radiant below your foot. From this peak, your view can look over this amazing town.

Sapa also owns the highest peak of Indochina – The Fansipan peak. The flora here is very enormous. There are over 1.680 different plants kinds, dividing into 679 crews belong to 7 group, many of them are noble. The Fansipan is also a great point for climbing travel. Climbing forms here are various; you can have a climbing tour from traveling agencies or designing a new one by local people’s helping.

The culture of ethnic minorities here are exciting, especially through “Love market”. This special market is holding every Saturday and Sunday. Young people not only come there to exchange but also to find their love. There are many original folk games, people often notice to choose the girl or boy they like through gaming. Ethnic minorities here also use the sound of flute, leaf trumpet… to find the company. This is one of the most activities which attracting many tourists.

Traveling to Sapa,travel to Vietnam promises a very new different experience for you. Why should not try?

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