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Go to Dong Thap to see lotus

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1 Go to Dong Thap to see lotus on Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:47 am

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Go to Dong Thap to see lotus
Have you ever strayed into a lotus pond, coveraged by its pervasive flavor? Do you want novel feelings as mixing with natural environment? Travel to vietnam will take you to these wonderful things.Đồng Tháp is very famous about spacious lotus ponds. There are some special kinds of lotus which is very big for one adult to stand on. Besides that, Đồng Tháp has a lot of foods made from lotus which can’t appear elsewhere.

Traveling to Đồng Tháp, you must be surprised by lotus here. It appears everywhere, in ponds, in home lake or even in rice-field it still hustles. In Đồng Tháp, lotus all is used: stem and seek use to make salad, “chè”… Foods made from Đồng Tháp lotus seek are famous delicious and good for health. There is one especial point, lotus seek here are not big as elsewhere but they’re very sweet and rich nutritious.
Đồng Tháp lotus is the most great at Phước Kiển pagoda. People call it Lotus pagoda because it owns the noble lotus kind of Southeast Asia. The lotus is really big, its’ leaf is at least 1.6m diameter. It also can grow to over 2.2m diameter, enough for a 60kg person stand on. This kind of lotus become noble because the flower’s characteristic: it changes color 4 times per day. You will see a very white flower as snow in morning but it’ll be soon turn into pink and then changing into light violet and the last is red when sunset. The beautiful flower just only can live within 3 days, this one dying another one blows. Lotus is never disappearing in Đồng Tháp just only a moment.

Tourists can go into lotus ponds by “ba lá” boat. You have chance to stand in the middle of lotuses, sniffing lotus fragrancy and finding pure beautiful lotus flowers. Vietnam Tours

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